Secure Online Proofing

Once you are in your "Proofing" album, you may select the images that you would like cropped and retouched.  To do this, hover your mouse over each image and click the "Select" box, then click "Add to Favorites".  You may select one image at a time, or select all the images first and the "Add to Favorites".

When you have completed your selection, use the "Send to" button to send you selections to me.  I will retouch and crop the selected images are re-repost them to a new album.  At that point you may place an order.

For more detailed instructions, watch the video below:


Add to Favorites from Zenfolio on Vimeo.


Add to Favorites from Zenfolio on Vimeo.

Once you've received notification that the images have been retouched, you may proceed to order prints.  See the section Ordering Products.