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Guestbook for Javelina Airmen Thanksgiving
Carlos Waring and Family(non-registered)
Thank you so much for all the pictures you took.It felt so good to see my son and that he was having a nice Thanksgiving. Thanks again for all you did on this special day for all of our sons and daughters so far from home. Thanks to all involved the Javelina Hog Shop,the free AT&T phones and your wonderful pictures.It makes me and my family feel good to know that they all had such a nice Thanksgiving.
Jennifer Barker(non-registered)
Thanks so much for sharing these pics and giving our sons/daughters
Thanksgiving Dinner!
Christy Tarantino(non-registered)
I was just wondering if all pics had been posted?
Margaret Saldana Riha(non-registered)
Thank you for feeding my son on Thanksgiving I know he really enjoyed it , being away from home and having a good meal meant alot to him ,he called and was excited things like this help are new Service men and women. Thanks again this means alot to use too.
Joe Harper(non-registered)
I can't find my son. Have all of the pictures already been posted?
The guestbook is empty.